Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Whey is Good For Mom TOO!

Wisdom increases with age, but muscle and bone strength do not. How about giving mom a way to help her lose weight, build muscle, and improve balance this Mother’s Day? Moms can get the structural support they need to stay grounded with whey-based IsaLean Shake or IsaLean Pro. Whey protein may be the most effective protein supplement when it comes to stimulating muscle protein synthesis and supporting bones in older women, according to researchers from the University of Illinois.

Aging is associated with decreases in muscle and bone strength, compromised balance, and reduced physical fitness. Research published in The Journal of Gerontology suggests that this does not have to be the case. The authors of the current study report that a higher intake of quality protein promoted lean muscle and reduced fat mass in elderly women.

The double-blind clinical trial randomized 31 post-menopausal overweight or obese women to a reduced-calorie diet and moderate physical activity for six months with either a 25-gram whey protein or a carbohydrate supplement consumed twice daily. The researchers measured changes in body weight, fat mass, fat distribution, muscle strength, muscle accretion, leg strength, and functional markers. This study found that the women on the diet supplemented with whey protein lost more weight and kept more muscle in comparison to the women on the diet with more carbohydrates.

The authors wrote, “A higher intake during caloric restriction maintains muscle relative to weight loss, which in turn enhances physical function in older women.”

Women who are overweight and experience age-related muscle loss are almost four times more likely to have functional limitations than women of the same age with a healthy body weight. In the past, to the peril of physical fitness, researchers have thought that weight loss in older women can reduce muscle mass and increase frailty.

According to these results, however, “older adults consuming greater amounts of protein are less likely to lose lean mass over time.”

The study suggests that older women trying to lose weight can combat muscle loss by consuming a divided dose of 50 grams of whey protein daily. Higher protein, especially from calcium-containing whey protein, helps eliminate the decline in bone, muscle mass, and muscle strength typically seen with weight loss in the elderly, according to these results.

These results are important in defining the recommendations for weight loss and dietary interventions that best meet the needs of overweight and obese older women. Shown as net gains in muscle and net losses of fatty tissue, the pairing of weight loss with a high quality protein supplement enhances not only weight loss, but overall body composition too.

The authors suggest that, “Losing some of the burden caused by overweight on the leg joints may help prevent injuries and furthermore help maintain physical independence with aging.”

The scope of this study was limited both by the small sample size, and the short duration, according to researchers. However, they hypothesize that protein supplementation could show greater benefits in older women when coupled with resistance training.

The findings are a good bridge for further research into methods for sustaining muscle mass and physical function of women into old age. So what does this mean for mom? Its no secret that muscle and bone health is a woman’s plight as she gets older. Whey protein may help keep your mom stronger, longer.

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