Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting to Common Ground

Getting in the practice of taking time to find out more about a person accomplishes three key things.  The first is that people always feel more at ease if we take time to actually get to know them before offering our Isagenix ™ opportunity.  Secondly it allows us the discernment of whether or not this person would be a good fit in our organization.  Thirdly, by doing our due diligence we are also offered clues as to what would be a catalyst for this person wanting to try Isagenix ™ at all.

The most masterful networkers take time to find out what makes another person 'tick' so to speak.  They look for points of challenge in the person's story so that they can leap in and provide a solution, which of course is Isagenix™.  In the case of our server, we discovered that he had a master's degree and was passionate about going back to school to become a doctor so he could work with Doctors Without Borders.  He and I soon began discussing Africa and other regions where he would want to dedicate his time.  When I asked him what was holding him back from starting medical school he responded that he wanted to pay off student loans and this is when I knew that I had a leverage point.

I said, 'you would be amazing in my business.'  He responded with, 'what do you do?'  From here I shared briefly the Isagenix vision and also the power of residual income though at no time did I ever say the word 'Isagenix.'  Now curious, he volunteered his contact information without hesitation.  People are much more willing to give you their email address than their mobile number however if you build a solid common ground at the forefront; literally creating trust, you should have no problem also getting the coveted digits.

To get to common ground quickly I suggest the following key strategies:

1. Observe - what does the environment of the situation tell you?  If you are at a restaurant ask yourself - can anyone be a server here or would they have to be somewhat discriminating as with a more upscale establishment?  What does the person's dress tell you?  Are they neat and well put together or slovenly?   How is this person interacting with others?  Do they smile?  Do they make eye contact?  70% of common ground is going to come from observation.

2. Ask an Opening Question - start with something simple such as, 'how long have you been working here?'  If you are in a retail setting and connecting with another patron you can ask, 'have you shopped here before?'  If you are at a restaurant, and see another patron with an interesting dish, ask them what it is and if they like it.   Always begin with something easy and non-threatening.

3. Re-Assess - if the person seems friendly and open to having a conversation then continue.  If the person seems otherwise occupied or perhaps in a sour mood then you may wish to let the conversation go or wait.  It is our human nature to be somewhat pre-occupied at times and seriously - who hasn't had a challenging day?

4. Continue - once you have assessed that the person is open to a conversation you can then begin to ask deeper questions.  For example, once I discovered that our server had worked at this particular restaurant for almost a year, I asked him what he liked about it and what other aspirations he had.  This is when I found out about his passion for travel and working with Doctors Without Borders.  Many people love to talk about themselves, especially once you begin to probe a little deeper.

5. Ask a Trial Closing Question - once you have more information about a person, such as their passions or desire for change, you can ask a question such as, 'what is your plan for that?'  Find out if they have a strategy for success.  From here you can now offer Isagenix ™ as a solution.  Simply let them know that you would love to email them some information, set up a time to follow-up and collect their phone number.

Connecting with people and achieving common ground becomes easier and easier the more we practice.  Get in the habit of having three common ground conversations with people every single day.  Eventually this will become second nature and you will be able to generate leads everywhere you go.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 45 second Presentation to Financial Freedom

 I've discovered the secret of helping people to become financially successful. I want to share a secret with you that is so simple that after you have read this letter you will say, "Why didn't I think of that?"
If you like what you read, you will begin to understand how to "Own Your Life." What do I mean by "Own Your Life?"
Let's examine the typical day of any person who has a job. (Remember ? J.O.B. stands for "Just Over Broke.") Subtract the time you sleep, work, commute and all the other things you have to do every day. What's the bottom line? How many hours are left to do whatever you like? These are the hours you own. Would you like to own the rest of them?
Most people who retire at 65 have the time but not the money. They are barely scraping by and are broke by the time they are 75.
Then there are the younger folks with jobs. They may have the money, but they do not have the time! Why don't you travel more? Is it the time? The money? Or both? Wouldn't it be better to have the time and the money to travel when you're still young enough to really enjoy it?
To "Own Your Life" simply means having the time and the money to be free to do what you would like to do when you want to do it. It also means the home of your dreams ? or the car, boat or plane ? whatever you want! Or spend more time with your family, your church, your community or your political party.
If you are willing to figuratively go back to school tuition-free (actually, you'll make some money along the way) five to ten hours a week for six months, I can teach you everything you need to know to retire in one to three years at better than $50,000 per year. "Going back to school" simply means learning how to build your own home-based business while doing it, by reading books, listening to CDs, watching DVDs, talking to your friends, attending rallies, etc. It means just getting involved.
A major publication said that the two least likely ways to become a millionaire were to be a "professional" (a doctor, lawyer, etc.) or to work for a corporation. The most likely way to become a millionaire was to be an entrepreneur, to have your own business. For most people, starting their own business is incomprehensible: it would cost too much money, they feel they lack business knowledge, and the risk would be too great to even think about.
There is, however, one business opportunity that I believe anyone can do, without capital, without sales talent, without risk. Even though it has been around for 60 years, most people who think they understand it really don't; they confuse it with selling so they don't even take a serious look at it. The business is called "Network Marketing." There are currently more than several thousand networking companies.
Tens of thousands of products and services are marketed through Network Marketing. Network Marketing is an ingenious method of moving merchandise, which works best when a lot of people all do just a little bit.
Network Marketing is definitely not a selling business; it is a teaching business. Historically, more schoolteachers have "made it big" in Network Marketing than any other group. Housewives have also done extremely well, because they have had experience teaching their children. Anyone tackling Network Marketing like a "selling business" will probably fail.
You can actually get started in your own business with no risk. You do not have to quit your job and in most Network Marketing companies you can usually get started for less than two hundred dollars ($200). You may have to give up a little TV, but I never made any money watching TV.
After reading this letter, the first step to "Owning Your Life" is to read The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life book. I have included the copy that you requested on my website for you to read.
After you have read the book, let's sit down and talk very briefly about a simple system already in place to help you build a large organization and start you on the path to start "owning your life!"
Remember, this is not selling, it is teaching, and because the tools do most of the teaching, anyone can do it.

Whey in Large Doses After Exercise Bring Bigger Gains in Muscle and Strength

Athletes who consume large doses of whey protein or a leucine-enriched drink directly after training increase their gains in muscle and strength, according to two independent studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

One study from McMaster University in Canada (1) found that recreational athletes who consume 25 grams of whey protein after exercise increased muscle protein synthesis more than when smaller doses are given over time. Another study, performed by U.S. Army researchers and colleagues from other universities (2), found that an essential amino acid drink supplement containing higher concentrations of leucine increases protein synthesis up to 33 percent more than one with lower amounts of leucine.

The McMaster University researchers compared the effects of consuming 25 grams of whey protein versus 10 smaller doses every 20 minutes over  200 minutes in eight athletic men immediately after resistance training. They found that whey protein in the large single dose delivered a greater increase in plasma amino acids (including leucine) to trigger muscle protein synthesis compared with protein in smaller doses over time.

The US Army researchers and their colleagues evaluated muscle protein synthesis and whole body protein metabolism in eight adults who cycled for 60 minutes. Immediately after the workout, the subjects consumed a drink containing 10 grams of essential amino acids; the first drink contained 1.87 grams leucine and the second contained 3.5 grams leucine. The researchers observed 33 percent more protein synthesis in the subjects who consumed more leucine.

“These findings suggest that increasing the concentration of leucine in an [essential amino acids] supplement consumed during steady state exercise elicits a greater [muscle protein synthesis] response during recovery,” the researchers wrote.

Earlier studies have similarly noted the muscle-building potential of whey protein, leucine and other branched chain amino acids. Whey protein is a protein source with a higher concentration of branched-chain amino acids including leucine.

Both studies suggest that athletes should take advantage of consuming single large doses of high-quality whey protein after training. This is easily achieved by consuming 1½ scoops of IsaLean Shake mixed with 1 scoop of IsaPro (containing about 4 grams of leucine). The result could mean more quality gains after each workout, stronger muscles and a greater competitive edge.

Why Whey is Good For Mom TOO!

Wisdom increases with age, but muscle and bone strength do not. How about giving mom a way to help her lose weight, build muscle, and improve balance this Mother’s Day? Moms can get the structural support they need to stay grounded with whey-based IsaLean Shake or IsaLean Pro. Whey protein may be the most effective protein supplement when it comes to stimulating muscle protein synthesis and supporting bones in older women, according to researchers from the University of Illinois.

Aging is associated with decreases in muscle and bone strength, compromised balance, and reduced physical fitness. Research published in The Journal of Gerontology suggests that this does not have to be the case. The authors of the current study report that a higher intake of quality protein promoted lean muscle and reduced fat mass in elderly women.

The double-blind clinical trial randomized 31 post-menopausal overweight or obese women to a reduced-calorie diet and moderate physical activity for six months with either a 25-gram whey protein or a carbohydrate supplement consumed twice daily. The researchers measured changes in body weight, fat mass, fat distribution, muscle strength, muscle accretion, leg strength, and functional markers. This study found that the women on the diet supplemented with whey protein lost more weight and kept more muscle in comparison to the women on the diet with more carbohydrates.

The authors wrote, “A higher intake during caloric restriction maintains muscle relative to weight loss, which in turn enhances physical function in older women.”

Women who are overweight and experience age-related muscle loss are almost four times more likely to have functional limitations than women of the same age with a healthy body weight. In the past, to the peril of physical fitness, researchers have thought that weight loss in older women can reduce muscle mass and increase frailty.

According to these results, however, “older adults consuming greater amounts of protein are less likely to lose lean mass over time.”

The study suggests that older women trying to lose weight can combat muscle loss by consuming a divided dose of 50 grams of whey protein daily. Higher protein, especially from calcium-containing whey protein, helps eliminate the decline in bone, muscle mass, and muscle strength typically seen with weight loss in the elderly, according to these results.

These results are important in defining the recommendations for weight loss and dietary interventions that best meet the needs of overweight and obese older women. Shown as net gains in muscle and net losses of fatty tissue, the pairing of weight loss with a high quality protein supplement enhances not only weight loss, but overall body composition too.

The authors suggest that, “Losing some of the burden caused by overweight on the leg joints may help prevent injuries and furthermore help maintain physical independence with aging.”

The scope of this study was limited both by the small sample size, and the short duration, according to researchers. However, they hypothesize that protein supplementation could show greater benefits in older women when coupled with resistance training.

The findings are a good bridge for further research into methods for sustaining muscle mass and physical function of women into old age. So what does this mean for mom? Its no secret that muscle and bone health is a woman’s plight as she gets older. Whey protein may help keep your mom stronger, longer.

Also, don’t forget to give mom Isagenix Essentials for Women. The multivitamin-mineral supplement containing optimal doses of calcium and vitamin D, when combined with whey, may be the ticket to giving the strong women in your life the message of just how essential they are to you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Could routine cleanse days help you live longer?

New research suggests intermittent fasting may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.