Saturday, January 19, 2013

How's your New Years Resolution Going

ResolveTo Use Isagenixf or 66Days For Real Change

Habits are more likely to
stick if kept at least 66
days, according to

We have all experienced it before. Your New Year’s
Resolution to eat healthier starts off strong, but it’s
not long before for a small “cheat day” here and
there turns into every day being a cheat day. If you
really want to make a change in your diet, resolve
to use Isagenix for 66 days. Why 66 days? Science
shows that is how long it takes to create a new

A study published in the European Journal of
Social Psychology investigated the key factors in
creating and breaking habits and how we can set
ourselves up for new patterns of behavior. The
study included 96 subjects who chose an eating,
drinking, or activity behavior to carry out daily for
12 weeks. During the study, subjects completed
self-report surveys which indicated whether or not
the behavior was carried out daily and level of
difficulty to perform the new habit.

Using these data, the researchers were able to
identify the average length of time it took for
participants to complete the habit automatically,
with ease and confidence. Although the range
showed variation that may be due to different
levels of difficulty in adopting or discontinuing the
chosen habit, the average time it took for subjects
to feel confident in their habit change was 66 days.

So if you are really looking to make a lifestyle
change, make a commitment to use Isagenix for 66
days. By that time, you are more likely to feel
confidence in your healthier eating habits and less
tempted to indulge in the all-too-frequent “cheat

Now, getting through those 66 days may still have
its challenges. Follow these tips to turn your New
Year’s resolution into a lifestyle solution:

1. Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast. A high protein
breakfast enhances weight loss by curbing your
appetite so you eat less later in the day.
Additionally, muscle is metabolically active and
burns more calories than other tissues such as fat.
The number one excuse for skipping out on a
balanced breakfast is lack of time. With Isagenix,
“fast food” takes on a new meaning. Isagenix
IsaLean Shakes provide a quick and easy way to
get 24 grams of undentaured protein you need to
start the day off right.

2. Take Small Steps. Instead of swearing off ever
eating a cookie again, take small steps to achieve
your goals. Focus on the week ahead. What are
your goals for the week? Maybe you want to try out
the new Zumba class at the gym or commit to only
going out to lunch on Friday with your colleagues.
Then, challenge yourself even more the next week.
Build momentum as the weeks progress, rather
than lose it.

3. Beat Stress. Everyone deals with stress
differently; however many people turn to food to
suppress their feelings of anxiety or unhappiness.
This form of emotional eating can have serious
repercussions for your waistline and ultimately
your health. There is no way you can completely
avoid stress, but you can prime your body to
manage stress in ways that are less harmful. In
addition to incorporating stress managing habits
such as mediation into your life, the combination of
adaptogenic botanicals in Ionix Supreme can help
protect the body from the harmful effects of stress.

Isagenix provides you with the support and tools
you need to say no to temptation and stick with
your resolution for a healthier life.

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