Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Sleep Easier

Counting sheep to calm that racing mind? Time to set a New Year’s resolution for better sleep!

For the best result, it’s going to take a holistic, whole-body approach that targets brain health! So, how can you sleep easier? Here are our top tips for better sleep:

1. Hit the Pavement Daily. One of the best ways to encourage better sleep is by exercising daily, especially in the morning. Morning exercise can relieve stress and improve mood, which indirectly improves sleep. Additionally, exercise reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Sleep is critical for optimal muscle recovery after exercise along with a diet that includes high-quality protein. Hit the gym in the morning and have nutritionally dense meals to rest soundly and recover at night.

2. Take Your Vitamins. It’s tough to fit in all of the vital nutrients you need on a daily basis, including those that can assist with proper sleep, such as magnesium and niacin, so supplementation is a MUST.

3. Get Your Brain Boost. Feed your brain what it needs with the right nutrients. Contrary to what you may think, sleep is a very active process. It is a time for your body to repair, grow, and develop. That is why poor sleep quality can result in accelerated aging of the body, including the brain. Choose Brain Boost & Renewal to promote greatest neural support, as well as focus, concentration, and memory. Your brain with thank you today and tomorrow!

4. Ease Your Way Into Dreamland. Turn down the lights, power off the electronics, and get your melatonin! Research shows that artificial light can sabotage sleep by decreasing the body’s natural production of melatonin; in addition, natural melatonin production declines with age.

5. Improve Your Cash Flow. Is stress about money keeping you awake? The best way to lay that worry to rest is by stimulating an extra cash flow with residual income.

Transform your sleep (and your life!) today.

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